Brevity HP

BREVITY HIGH POWER (BHP) is a turn- key picosecond fiber laser emitting at 1.96 μm. The very high peak power associated to the long wavelength allow the use of this laser in a wide range of industrial applications.
Taking advantage of semiconductor (silicon) transparency around 2 μm, BHP is particularly suited for any application in the filed of microelectronics and display needing to process through the silicon (lift-off, wafer debonding) or in the bulk of a wafer (stealth dicing, waveguide scribing).


Transparent to Silicon and
 low energy bandgap semiconductor
1.96μm wavelength

High precision machining
ps regime & M2 < 1.5

High process throughput
MHz repetition rate

Rock solid
All fiber oscillator and amplifier desig


Pulse on demand operation 10 – 100% transmission


Central wavelength1.96 μm ± 20 nm
Average power>1 W
Pulse energy (at 100kHz)Up to 10 μJ
Repetition rate100 kHz - 1 MHz burst mode operation compatible
Pulse width< 2 ps (FWHM assuming sech2 fit)
Average power stability (RMS over 8 hours)< 2 % (Upon stable environmental conditions 21°C ± 2°C)
Pulse energy stability (RMS over 1000 consecutive shots)<2 %
Beam pointing stability< ±20 μrad/K
Laser outputCollimated
M2< 1.5
Polarization stateLinear (PER > 20dB)
Operation voltage100-240 V VAC 50/60Hz
System cooling: water coolingWater cooling (Water-Air chiller included)
Operating temperature+20°C to +30°C