Based on a patented seed source, the all-fiber integrated laser delivers up to 0.5 mW/nm over the operation wavelength range. In 2016, the laser has been used for a world first demonstration of a tabletop spectromicroscopy imaging of lipidic vesicles in liver sample.


Ideal for microspectroscopy experiments
Fully incoherent spectrum

Highest imaging resolution accessible (3μm x 3μm)
High brighteness beam

Reduction of the acquisition time
Application proven power &
spectrum stability

Rock solid system – alignment free
All fiber supercontinuum source

Suitable for time resolved experiments
High repetition rate (> 2 MHz)


Operating wavelengthFrom 1.9 μm up to 4.0 μm (2500 cm-1 to 5260 cm-1)
Output power> 0.6 W
Spectral power densityUp to 0.5 mW/nm
Repetition rateFrom 250 kHz up to 2.4 MHz
Total power stability (RMS over 8 hours)< 1%
Laser outputCollimated
Beam shapeGaussian, single mode
Operation voltage100 – 240 V VAC 50/60 Hz
System coolingActive air cooling
Operating temperature+20 °C to +30 °C
Dimensions (H×W×D) per unit177x483x466 mm3 (×2 units)
Weight20 kg (electrical unit) / 20 kg (optical unit)